DDrinfo.com is the first European Marketplace for Associations, Companies, Products and Services. Our main objective is being the directory of reference and facilitating the location of products and services of the industry. An industry that tends to use very different terminology for similar products. This discrepancy can be confusing for buyers looking for a specific product.

DDRinfo.com aims to serve as a buyers’ guide, where customers can find everything the needed relating to demolition, decontamination, and recycling.

Thanks to the visibility granted by the portal, the products, and services that appear here are promoted without competition between the companies since the portal is purely informative.

DDRinfo.com has been created and is currently managed by the European Demolition Association, EDA. The latter is the leading platform for national demolition associations, demolition contractors and suppliers. The EDA has a strong focus on developing in Europe, which are of interest to the demolition industry.

The EDA, was founded in 1978 and its members represent the demolition industry. EDA is a registered organization under the European Union Transparency Register with identification number 437180632625-02