The Spanish Association of Demolition, Decontamination, Cutting and Drilling, AEDED, was created with the aim of encouraging the professionalism of these guilds and promoting the work of their members.

AEDED is the support platform for companies and professionals linked to the demolition guild, decontamination of hazardous waste, cutting and drilling.

The main objectives of AEDED are:

  • Promote the express recognition of these activities.
  • Establish protocols for the accreditation of companies in these specialized activities.
  • Create a professional network throughout the national territory, through regular meetings and meetings.
  • To inform about the different working methods of the guilds, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each one of them.
  • To improve the training of company personnel and to prepare new personnel for their incorporation into the guilds.
  • To favor the permanent formation of the personnel of the companies of the guilds.
  • To promote the cooperation of all the related agents (manufacturers, engineers, Public Administrations,…) in the development of the guilds.




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Our Address:

Av. Rey Juan Carlos 92. Leganés, Madrid



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